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  • PS-Treat is specially formulated chemical that will protect pipeline, vessel, tank or any surface that made from carbon steel or stainless steel from any chemical reaction that will cause the corrosion happen.
  • The product was formulated for slow reaction just manages to create thin iron oxide film on the treated surface.
  • LPS-Treat was more effective compared to the other common passivation chemicals in the market.

  • Freeze stable and can be perform either in low or high temperatures besides can be dilute up 1:5. Water soluble and biodegradable also have low COD of influent and can be applied to the carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • PS-Treat is typically applied neat and recommended by soaking technique for 4-6 hours. However, PS-Treat also can be used by steaming and spraying methods. The volumes of PS-Treat that will use for the treatment was depend on the material of surface, the volume of equipment and also the technique that will use.