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  • Bio-Xyme is superior degreaser for cleaning of various type of tank vessel process equipments and pipes.
  • The product contains special enzymes that cultured in the complex detergent system.
  • Bio-Xyme is a water-soluble liquid that diluted in water during cleaning of system. The later feature of Bio-Xyme is more special to corrosion inhibition and soil-degreasing.
  • This product is very soft to human skin.
  • Freeze stable either in low or high temperatures.
  • Bio-Xyme also can be used in sour oil or gas process system and vessel.
  • The features of water soluble and effective soil degreasing.
  • Bio-Xyme is typically applied neat and is recommended either batch or continuous application.
  • Volumes required are solely depends on size of system dynamics and degree of cleanliness.
  • The chemical is powerful for cleaning oil contaminated sand and frequently use to remove oxide for airfin-cooler and heat exchanger.
  • Users also use the degreaser to clean machinery parts, floor and storage tanks.
  • Bio-Xyme can be diluted up to five times for economic application.